Kids Comforters

If you're having problems getting your children to go to sleep, maybe it's because their bedrooms aren't the attractive places of rest and refuge they should be.

Everything you need to know about Kids Comforters

If you want "Go to your room!" to be a reward instead of a punishment, take a look at all the beautiful and fun decorating options available for children's rooms.

Sizes and Materials for Children's Bedding

Children's bedding is usually available in twin and full sizes as well as hard-to-find bunk bed and junior bed sizes. Crib bedding is also available for infants.

Children's skin is usually thinner and more sensitive than adults' skin, so it is important to select high-quality, high-thread-count sheets and pillowcases for your child. Note that children's bedding by law must be flame-retardant.

Children's Bedding Pieces and Sets

Children's bedding is sold both as individual pieces and in sets. The most common items in kids comforter sets are fitted bottom sheets, flat top sheets, pillowcases, blankets, quilts, and comforters. To complete the look, you can add curtains, throw pillows, pillow shams, and bed skirts. More comprehensive comforter sets can be also purchased which will include the additional items. A standard-sized pillow is great for children older than three.

You can save time and money by purchasing your bedding as a kids comforter set or bed in a bag. Packages range from six-piece sets that include just the essential items such as sheets and pillowcases up to 24-piece sets that include every decorative bedroom item you could want.

If your children share a room, you can even buy pre-packaged comforter sets for twin and bunk beds.

Kids Comforters

When choosing a kids comforter consider the warmth rating, a higher rating means greater insulation is provided. If you live in a colder climate you should choose a higher warmth rating. It may be advisable to avoid down comforters if your child suffers from allergies. Instead go for a kids comforter that is hypoallergenic.

Bedding for Infants

Children under the age of two normally sleep in cribs, at least until they are able to climb out. Crib bedding usually consists of a fitted bottom sheet, a crib bumper to protect infants from slipping in between the mattress and the crib rail, and a blanket or comforter in cold weather. Some cribs also have matching canopies. Infant bedding should be light enough to avoid overheating and breathable to avoid the danger of suffocation. For this reason, do not place pillows in cribs with children who cannot roll over by themselves.

Bedding Designs for Kids

Whether your children love sports, cars, motorcycles, dinosaurs, or even sharks, there is a collection that reflects this interest.

Sports Bedding for Kids

For sports fans, licensed bedding is available depicting a wide variety of teams and leagues such as baseball (MLB), football (NFL), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), car racing (NASCAR), and wrestling (WWE). Whether your children follow the Cubs or the Cowboys, the Dodgers or the Ducks, they can show their team spirit with bedding items from comforters to curtains.

Popular extreme sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and BMX bicycle racing are represented in the X Games collections.

There is even NCAA-licensed bedding featuring the logos and mascots of your children's future alma maters.

For those who are more interested in playing sports than in a particular team, there are great designs for skiers, surfers, swimmers, as well as tennis, volleyball, and even water polo players.

With so many girls playing sports these days, your daughters will love having decor that is feminine yet reflects their athletic prowess in their chosen sport, including soccer, softball, figure skating, cheerleading, gymnastics, and more.

Snips and Snails

For little boys who prefer dinosaurs to dribbling or classic cars to home runs, bedding is available for these interests and others as well. There are even a large range of double sided kids comforters that can be flipped in an instance to change the theme of the bedding.

Sugar and Spice

Daddy's little girl, the little princess, the prima ballerina - no matter what you call your precious little bundle of joy, there is bedding for your budding diva. Whether her style is pastel pink or rockin' red, pale yellow or sunny gold, light or peacock blue, she can choose a color and pattern she will love.

Animal Lovers

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, sharks, elephants, giraffes - you name the animal and there are sheets and pillowcases that depict it. If you have a budding zoologist on your hand, you can choose animal prints such as zebra stripes or leopard spots, as well as designs featuring animals you would only see on an African safari.

Bright Colors for Everyone

Kids love colors. Crayola crayons, multi-color handprints, stripes and polka dots in primary colors, and even kelly green dinosaurs are some of the cool designs that will brighten up a bedroom and make it a place your children will want to invite their friends to play.

So don't settle for dull, boring children's rooms when there are so many attractive options that will make your children enjoy spending time there. Who knows, you might even get a little peace and quiet when your children actually want to go to their rooms!