Down Alternative Comforters

Down comforters can be a wonderful choice of bedcovers for many people, but there are equally great alternatives to down when choosing materials for fillings and shells.

Why Should I Buy a Down Alternative Comforter?

There are many reasons people choose to buy alternatives to down-fill. Some consumers use them to avoiding allergies; others appreciate their ease of care. Price-conscious customers like the fact that they are generally much less expensive than down comforters.

What to Look for in a Down Alternative Comforter

When purchasing a non-down comforter, details to consider include size, cost, quality, fill, and shell material.


As with all comforters, of course, you will need to fit the bedding to the bed. Down alternatives come in all sizes, from twin to California king and everything in between.


If price is a consideration, consider a polyester-filled comforter, as these are usually less expensive than the silk, satin, or wool-cotton combinations.


Even if you are concerned with price, you should still pay attention to quality. The old phrase, "You get what you pay for", truly applies to bedding. A comfortable sleeping environment can go a long way to making you feel rested and refreshed the next day, and a good quality comforter is a large part of that environment. Details such as stitching and thread count are the best indicators of quality.


Down alternative comforters come in a variety of fills, both synthetic and natural. Some down alternative comforter fillings are described below.

Polyester Fiber

If you are one of the millions of allergy or asthma sufferers in the world, you can still stay warm and cozy at night with a comforter filled with synthetic materials. Polyester is also a great choice for consumers who are concerned about buying products that are free from animal cruelty. Additionally, they are usually fire-retardant, resulting in added safety for you and your family members. Comforters filled and covered with synthetic materials are also easy to care for; they can be machine washed and, if they are well made, are sturdy enough to be used every day.

Natural and Organic Fillings: Silk and Wool

Comforters made with all-natural and organic materials are the perfect choice for eco-minded consumers.

If money isn't a consideration, take a look at silk-fillings. These beautiful bed covers are lightweight but can still keep you warm on a cold night.

A combination of alpaca and sheep's wool filling is as warm as down and just as comfortable. Organic wool means that the animals are not given pesticide baths and that no chemicals, bleaches, or dyes are used in processing. Additionally, the wool has been cleaned with natural products and is not chemically treated. Wool comforters are resistant to dust mites, since these microscopic creatures don't like the wool's dry, porous nature. Most wool-filled type come with organic or natural cotton shells. Wool comforters should be aired out occasionally to keep them clean and fresh. The recommended method of cleaning is hand-washing with a mild or wool-care detergent or dry cleaning and air-drying. These comforters do have a natural wool odor, but that will dissipate with time and as they are aired.


Shells are available in most of the same materials as fills, as well as organic and natural cotton and luxurious satin.

Hypoallergenic shell material includes polyester, polyester micro fiber, silk, and satin.

Silk and satin bed covers come in brilliant jewel tones and a variety of patterns that enhance the luxurious and elegant look of any bedroom.

Consumers looking for eco-friendly materials can choose from a wide range of fabrics including silk, satin, and even suede and micro-suede. Cotton shells include Egyptian cotton and extra-soft supima cotton, as well as organic and natural cotton.

Manufacturers of most natural-shell comforters recommend they be protected with a comforter cover. The great news is that these covers come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that match any decor, including checks, stripes, abstract, floral, and more.

Down alternatives aren't limited to standard bedroom comforters. They are available in "bed-in-a-bag" sets with coordinating sheets and matching drapes or curtains. They can be used on daybeds and dorm bunks, on camping trips and hayrides. So just because you have allergies or are concerned about the environment, it doesn't mean you can't have a warm, cozy comforter. Don't waste another restless night - order your down alternative comforter today!