Bed in a Bag

If you need bedding and want to save time, money, and aggravation, consider purchasing a "bed in a bag".

What is a Bed in a Bag?

A bed in a bag is an already-assembled package of bedding and matching bedroom decor items. Package sizes range from a basic six-piece package all the way to a deluxe package with 25 pieces. Basic packages include just key bedding components such as a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow cases, a comforter, and pillow shams. Other packages might omit the pillow shams and include a bed skirt (also known as a dust ruffle). Larger packages are more complete and may include items such as window coverings and throw pillows.

How Does a Bed in a Bag Differ from a Set?

Sets usually include just sheets and pillow cases, requiring you to buy the bedspread, comforter, and window treatments separately. A bed in a bag includes these items and more, depending on the size and cost of the set.

Comforter sets are another category of bedding set that you might consider. There is usually a lot of overlap between a comforter set and a bed in a bag; however a comforter set will always include a comforter.

Why Buy a Bed in a Bag?

There are times when you might not need to buy a bed-in-a-bag. For example, if you are just looking to replace one damaged item, if you need extra pillow cases, or if you use non-matching sizes such as king size pillows on a full size bed, you will need to purchase bedding items separately.

However, if you have a standard size bed and want to save time and money, a bed in a bag is a great choice.


Picture this scenario: you have two children who share a room. After hours at the department store, they finally agree on a pattern they like. You find one complete set for one child, but, after searching through racks of top sheets, you realize they are out of top sheets for your second child's bed.

Perhaps you see a beautiful set of drapes but discover that the store is out of the matching bedspread in the size that fits your bed.

Or you find the perfect fitted bottom sheet and top sheet at your local store, only to find that they are sold out of the matching pillow cases or bed skirt.

Buying a bed in a bag saves you all the frustration and aggravation of scouring stores and web sites for bedclothes that match, only to find that one or two items are out of stock or from a different dye lot. With a bed in a bag, manufacturers, colors, patterns, and dye lots are all pre-matched for you. Everything you need is in one perfectly coordinated, convenient package.

Guest Rooms

They are a great option when you are decorating a spare room. There is no need to pay a decorator when you can turn your room into a stylish spa for your guests in one convenient step.

Motor Homes and RVs

These packages are great for RVs and motor homes, too. You do not want to have to worry about finding matching bed sheets when you go camping. Just get a bed-in-a-bag with just the right simple essentials for your home-away-from-home.

Save Time

Let's face it, these days everyone is busy. Your time is much better spent enjoying your family than digging through piles of odd pieces of bed linens trying to match patterns and colors. Save yourself precious time by buying everything you need - sheets, pillowcases, comforter, window coverings - already matched and packed in a single bag.

Save Money

They will save you money. These sets are generally much less expensive than buying the items separately. Good-quality bedding for a king size bed can cost several hundreds of dollars if you buy each piece separately. You can often purchase a bed in a bag for less than half that amount.

Size and Style Options

You can choose these sets in any size from twin to California king. These sets come in all of the common materials including cotton, satin, and polyester, and they are available in popular patterns such as floral designs, geometric shapes, stripes, and animal prints. You can choose from styles suitable for adults, children, teens, and college students.

Even designers such as Laura Ashley, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren offer their products in bed-in-a-bag sets.

So if you are in the market for bedding, save yourself time, money, and hassles by purchasing a bed in a bag.