Bedroom Ideas and Color Schemes

You spend about one-third of your life sleeping. With that much time spent in your bedroom, it should be a place of refuge, an escape from everyday cares and stress that allows you to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Follow these tips and ideas to make your bedroom both relaxing and beautiful.

Before You Begin

Before you spend any money, do your homework. Look at magazines, decorating books, and websites to get an idea of the colors and patterns you prefer.

Different designers have different styles, and you might decide you consistently prefer one designer's collections, but you don't have to stick with one line. You can mix and match pieces that you like, as long as they are harmonious.

Don't just go by looks. Cut out or print pictures of items you like and take them with you when you shop. Even if you plan to buy online, visit home stores in person and actually touch the merchandise. You might be surprised to find that you really prefer microsuede to satin or silk to cotton.


Lighting in the bedroom should be conducive to rest. Low-wattage light bulbs in pretty lamps and dimmer switches for overhead lighting will help you get ready to sleep. If you don't have trouble sleeping and like to read in bed, add a bedside reading lamp.

Furniture and Bed Size

Scale your furniture to your room. Your bed should be large enough to allow you to sleep comfortably but not so large that it makes your room look crowded. Bedrooms should be havens from the outside world, so banish the TV and computer to another room.


Bedding will have a great impact on the design of your bedroom. The design and color of the bedding should fit in well with the rest of the room. If you have a particular theme for your bedroom, for example a contemporary style, you should consider purchasing bedding that fits in with this overall style. You may also want to consider purchasing matching bedding items; this can be achieved easily by purchasing a comforter set or bed in a bag.

Storage Space

Messy rooms are not restful, so you'll need lots of storage space. Start with a dresser for each occupant. Night tables are great for keeping a glass of water, box of tissues, or reading lamp, and those with drawers add extra storage for small items. Beds with drawers underneath add extra room to store a comforter during the summer as well as extra sheets and blankets.

Color Schemes and Themes

Many sleep experts recommend soft, soothing colors, but if blue walls make you feel blue and you usually have no trouble falling asleep, by all means go with something brighter. An all-white color scheme portrays cleanliness, purity, and elegance. A pastel palette is feminine and lovely, while dark navy blues and browns convey an aura of masculinity.

Other popular themes for bedroom decor include:

English Manor - Rich navy blues, dark browns, and hunter greens will have you ready to ride to hounds. Ralph Lauren tailored striped or plaid sheets and comforters add to the masculine ambiance. Add some sturdy, dark furniture, and you'll almost be able to smell the pipe tobacco.

Country Chic - Imagine yourself in Dorothy's farmhouse, then add a palette of cheery yellows, blues, and forest greens. Ruffled curtains, and whitewashed or light pine furniture complete this rustic ambiance. Look into Laura Ashley designs for ideas for this style.

French Farmhouse - Similar in style to the Country Chic look, French Farmhouse will make you feel as if you're ready to serve up a big portion of coq au vin. Patterns include hens and roosters, and the predominant color is country blue. A black wrought iron baker's shelf completes the look.

Tuscan Villa - Feel like you own an Italian vineyard with this sunny theme. Bright white, fluffy curtains, sunny yellows, and red tile floors are just a few of the items that will make you feel as if you've joined the jet set. Get creative with a folding wine rack for clothing or magazine storage.

Asian Modern - If you're in love with the Far East, consider this beautiful theme with its rich reds, silks, and lacquered black furniture transporting you to the land of mystery and intrigue. Add a decorative wall fan for a finishing touch.

Early American - Red, white, and colonial blue, stars and stripes, and comfortable rocking chairs with overstuffed cushions are hallmarks of the Early American theme. Patterns reminiscent of the American Revolution as well as antique and reproduction iron bed frames go great with this style.

Eastern Seaboard - Red-striped lighthouses, low-backed white slat chairs, and navy anchors are just some of the decorating options that evoke this timeless theme. Nautica has several great collections that are perfect for this look. Add some sand dollar and sea shell accents to make you smell the salt air.

California Dreaming - Surf's up, dude! Sheets and comforters patterned with surf boards, palm trees, and "woody" station wagons evoke the laid-back atmosphere of warm and sunny Southern California and will bring you right back to the golden age of Hollywood

Finishing Touches

Plants, baskets, and paintings are little touches that will complete your look.

These are just a few of the themes that are available, so start surfing the net to find the look that you love.