College Comforters

Every September, millions of university students excitedly rush to their campuses only to come face-to-face with cramped, sterile, impersonal dormitory rooms. From freshmen through graduate students, they will be looking for furnishings and bedding that reflects their personal style and flair.

Complete Guide to Picking a College Comforter

Whether they're studying science or typing up term papers, students spend a great deal of time in their rooms, so the rooms need to be beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

Dorm bedding is an inexpensive way to show off personal style and create a comfortable environment and add character to a confined space.

Material Choices

Most weekdays, students are too busy going to class and studying (not to mention updating their Facebook profiles) to pay much attention to washing their sheets, so they need bed linens that are durable and easy to care for. The easiest material to care for is polyester-cotton blend, but 100% cotton sheets are also machine washable and dryable, and they are hypoallergenic, as well.

Buying an extra set or two is a good idea for several reasons. When one piece or set becomes soiled, students can easily change it without having to wash and dry it immediately. Additionally, this is an easy way for students to get a refreshing psychological boost part way during the semester or even during finals week.

A comforter cover for college comforters is another great item that serves the same purpose as an extra set of sheets.

Dorm Beds

Most dormitory beds are twin XL, with dimensions of 39" x 80" x 9". If you need to furnish a dorm room stylishly but don't want to break the bank, look into twin XL comforter sets or bed in a bag sets.

Two popular items students can use to protect their dorm beds are waterproof mattress pads that shield mattresses from water damage and bed bug covers that are specially made to block bed bugs and dust mites. Both are hypoallergenic and machine washable and dryable.

College Comforter Sets

Simple sets for these beds include a comforter, fitted sheet, top sheet, and one pillowcase, but there are larger college comforter sets that add blankets, throws, throw pillows, and even curtains, depending on the manufacturer. These sets are almost always much less expensive than buying individual pieces.

Student Apartments

Apartments for both undergrads and grad students often feature full XL beds. Linens for this size bed can be hard to find in stores, so it is best to order them online.


There are so many designs to choose from that it's hard to know where to start. There are styles for every personality and preference.

For students who want to show their school spirit, there are NCAA-licensed sets that are illustrated with school logos and mascots or simple solid sheets in school colors.

Students who are sports fans are in luck, there is a variety of sports comforters with pictures or colors of their favorite teams or sports.

Other ideas are linens that reflect a major, such as guitars for music majors or stars and planets for astronomy majors.

Some students may prefer the simple, elegant, timeless look of designers such as Ralph Lauren, the bright, hip colors of Tommy Hilfiger, or the cozy comfort of Pacific Coast.


Students who are sharing a room might consider coordinating their colors or styles before school starts. These days it's easy to get in touch and stay in touch with email and text messaging so they can create a harmonious look.

Roommates might even pitch in together to purchase a double set with two of each item so their decor can really match.

Keeping Warm in Chilly Rooms

It is important for college students to stay warm in chilly residence halls. Cozy down comforters are ideal for snuggling up with Shakespeare or getting acquainted with Goethe. Of course, a comforter cover is a must to protect this investment, and a reversible comforter cover is a plus to help protect the college comforter against dust, soil, and body oils.

Dorm Accessories

Dorm room seating is very limited, so another great accessory for those all-night study sessions is a study pillow, also known as a bed rest. These prop up students so they can sit comfortably in bed while they are reading, writing, or working on their computers.